In de wondere werelden


In de wondere werelden is a fun story adventure book and game for children between 7 and 9 years old. They can read, solve puzzles in game, and find out where the red thread is leading the characters. They wonder around in different worlds. The book is connected to a game. The target audience can read the book, and they will be told to play the game, and after playing some time in game, they are told to read the next part in the book. And so on.

When playing the game, the main goal is to capture spheres of sunlight (the spheres are spread over different worlds) to help the villagers to lighten their world.
Per world the player has to collect  X spheres of sunlight, depending on the world and the difficulty.
When the player wanders around in the worlds, he can walk into an enemy: Professor Piepzak.
The professor is a mean stinky man, who will capture the spheres of sunlight right before your eyes. To take the spheres back, you have to fight him.
Once the player has solved all the puzzles and captured all the spheres, he can go on to explore the next world.